Please help me with this monitor.

Hi guys.

This monitor is listed at
55 - 75 hz vertical refresh rate
30 - 80 khz horizontal fresh rate.
Does that mean this monitor will support 75 hz? The recommended resolution is 1920 x 1080.

Will this monitor run at 75 hz with 1920 x 1080p resolution?

Also, I play World of Warcraft. I am getting a new computer
and I was reading the reviews about the monitor I am buying
and someone mentioned HORIZONTAL sync lines - screen tearing

Did the person who wrote the review about the screen tearing in WoW just get a faulty monitor? He said switching from windowed mode, to full screen mode, and BACK to windowed mode fixed the problem... curious about this.

In summary. Will my monitor
run 75 hz at 1920 x 1080p resolution??
Will it cause screen tearing with this computer? in WoW and other games?


P.s. what FPS does a 75 hz monitor run? 75 fps with vsync enabled?

What I am worried about the most is the screen tearing if my computer passes 60 fps on the game.... how much does vsync slow your computer down when enabled? Will I for sure notice the screen tearing if the person who wrote the review saw it? As I mentioned...he said he saw screen tearing in WoW when it was in windowed mode, but switching it out of windows to full screen mode and THAN BACK TO WINDOWED MODE fixed his problem. Is his single monitor faulty?
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  1. With Nvidia video cards you have the Nvidia control panel and in there you can set the screen resolution and the refresh rate. The drop down menu should have 75hz as an option to be set at and if it does then you can set your monitor at that refresh rate. If you experience screen tearing then in the game settings you can use the v-sync (sync every frame) option to eliminate that.
  2. I fixed the links, they should work now if you want to take a look. Can this monitor support 75 hz at 1920 x 1080 or do I need to use the 60 hz?
  3. Awh, was hoping for a reply..need to figure this out!!
  4. If your monitor has a 75hz vertical refresh rate then that is what you can go up to for setting the monitor even at 1920x1080. You can't take one persons experience with screen tearing to mean that everyone will get screen tearing. Chances are that you won't experience it at all with the new computer.
    If you enable sync every frame then it caps the frame rate at the screens refresh rate so if your at 75hz and enable v-sync then your capped at 75 fps.
  5. @ inzone -- do you know if this monitor is infact 75 hz??? that's what im real curious about!! :)
  6. It says 55 - 75 hz for vertical refresh. Does that mean the monitor's 75 hz?
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