Going to start upgrading - GPU first

Hello everyone,

I've recently had some issues running a game I'm playing, and have been told a gpu upgrade would be beneficial to me. My current specs

Dell XPS 630i (this allows overclocking, but haven't gotten to that yet)
Windows Xp 32 bit
750w PSU
OPP150 MotherBoard FBS 1066/1333 compatible
Nvidia 8800 GT 512MB GPU
Q6600 Intel Core 2 Quad 2.4 Ghz
Soundblaster XtremeGamer Sound card
4gb DDR2 800Mhz ram

So, I know it's a prebuilt, and I plan to build my own system around the end of the year, or the start of 2013. That said, I'd like to buy things for this computer that I'd be able to start my build with, primarily the CPU. Will this system handle a high end card worth putting into a new machine at the start of 2013, should I just get a medium ground GPU for now, or should I wait all together. I plan to use this CPU as a second computer for upstairs when the new one is built, internet/pictures/etc.

Thanks for the help, it's much appreciated.
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  1. Honestly I'd say wait and purchase your new computer and the end of the year don't try and add to your current system, if you bought a modern graphics card it would likely become bottle necked by your system.
  2. No, you don't want top invest ANYTHING in this computer. Take this one "upstairs" for your second. The 775 socket is dead and not worth wasting money on.

    The 2600k cpu would be the minimum I would start a build with at this point in time. It's a different socket and won't work on that board you have.

    As far as GPU goes depends on your monitor/res, the rest of your planned hardware and what you are going to run on the machine........ opsys upgrade ?..... W7 ? 64bit.
  3. get any gpu you want, put the 8800 gt in a drawer and use the new one until you build your spiffy new system, then put the 8800 gt back in the dell. there is still some life in that q6600 :)

    however prebuilt PSUs may not be of great quality. even though it is 750 watts, if anything gets flonky shut it down and remove the new gpu.
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