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i have OC'd my sapphire 7850 to the max CCC will allow, which is 1050/1450. it only gets about 3c warmer during BF3 gameplay than stock speeds (60c vs. 63c). so i decided to do manual control of the fan and bumped it to 60%. it was loud, but i played BF3 for 10 minutes and the hottest the video card got was 54c. that's 10 degrees difference!! so i'm wondering if cooler is better, or if at 60% the fans will die faster...and/or, which is more important? 10c is a dramatic difference.
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  1. 63°C is a great temp anything under 80° on load is fine since the card has max around 100°C.
    No reason to have the fan blowing away its life cycle to soon with annoying noise.
  2. Can't you just set the fan speed so it increases as the temps climb? I use MSI Afterburner to monitor my temps and GPU usage plus set my fan to automatically speed up when temps climb.

    You can try it if you want here is a link to it and the manual on how to use it. Your temps are good and like rolli said anything under 80c is the best. 80c is my line not to cross. Good luck to you.
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