Is it safe to set VRM @ ultra, but no overclocking?

Settinb VRM @ ultra mode in Bios. is that completely safe and necessary, even though this processor is not overclocked.
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  1. Also to add to this. Is it fine to enable XMP mode while allowing my memory to run @ 1333mhz? Pretty much when its on XMP mode, my processor stays @ 3.4ghz constant. My processor is an i5 2400K.

    So in addition to xmp, should I set VRM on ultra?
  2. Why would you even do that? If you're not overclocking don't touch anything in the BIOS.
  3. you mean the load line caliberation? Yes its completely safe to crank it up all the way, but I don't see the point if you're just using stock processor. It'll waste more power. That function is so you can OC your processor and attain safe v.

    As for XMP, theres a whole explanation on that, not necessarily a manual OC, but yes, you can crank up the voltage for that too. But really, all you have to do is set your power options to high performance in windows and viola, you got a processor running 100 percent without having to mess with the bios and risking screwing up.
  4. The more important question is why waste money on an expensive mobo and the 2500K if you're not overclocking.
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