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I am wanting to do a push/pull on my evo and was wondering... Can I get a splitter and run both fans to the cpu fan header? Will it mess anything up? If not how do I set it up?

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  1. You will need a pwn splitter or any type of splitter to make it work. There shouldn't be a problem.
  2. Will the motherboard recognize the RPM of both fans and change them accordingly when using a splitter off of the CPU fan header?
  3. It should pick up the readings for both fans. You can see below thread for more information.
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    My Gigabyte UD3 board automatically recognized 3 or 4 pin fan connections and applied the required control for what was plugged into it.

    I ran a hyper 212+ using a 3-pin splitter that only had three wires for one fan and two for the other.

    basically, the motherboard only "saw" one fan and applied voltage control to that fan. The other fan simply got whatever voltage was sent to the other fan.

    Both fans worked, and the motherboard never knew the difference.
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  6. Thanks!
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