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Hello I am running a Compaq Presario SR5250NX with windows Vista and 2 GB of on board memory I have recently up graded my PSU to a Corsair GS600 . my quandary is I also wanted to upgrade my graphics card from G-force 8600 GT to an Ati Radeon 6770 HD but comp wont read the card it boots just fine but no picture . I figured it was a plug and play but also not the case what am i missing thanks for any input in advance????? aaaaahhhhh lol P.s. I took first card back thinking it DOA but not the case again ?????
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  1. Did you connect power from the PSU to the card?
  2. is the card firmly in place?
  3. yes i did
  4. yes it clicked into place
  5. You might be dealing with the no video issue from the PCIe X16 version 2.1 issue in 1.x slot which your motherboard has, unless there is a newer BIOS available then there is little you can do except exchange the card for a GTX550Ti which is ver 2.0 which has no known issues. It will deliver similar performance.
  6. Thanks to all I ended up down grading to 6670 hd no problems now gonna build a gaming system from case up cause my cpu is obsolete for gaming. Thanks for help and will update on how build turns out with specs :)
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