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Hi there,

I've just got a new Sapphire Radeon 5450 512Mb DDR3 which i inserted into my PC. However when it is inserted the computer will fail to load anything. It turns on and the fans go to max but the bios doesn't load. I have a HP DX2250 with a 250W PSU but i tried it on an Acer desktop with a 250W PSU and it ran and installed perfectly. The Acer is running Vista and the HP is running Ubuntu 11.10, would that cause it?

Any help is appreciated
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  1. the difference in OS shouldn't affect it since you haven't even gotten to installing drivers on your HP (or have you?)

    My guess is that your HP is running slightly more power hungry hardware (CPU, mobo, maybe a bigger fan), or it has a crappier PSU. 250W is really a bit on the low side
  2. is your motherboard pcie 1.0? there could be a compatibility issue with it and the pcie 2.1 of the card. You might need to update bios if there is updates.
  3. The HP that doesn't work is PCI-E 2 and the working acer is PCI-E X16. And how would i update the BIOS?
  4. there should be no problem if its PCI-2

    did you have any other card in the HP before this one?
  5. Sounds like a power issue to me AMD recommends atleast a 400w PSU for the 5450. The hp either has hardware that uses more power as suggested by vmen or it has a smaller 12v rail than the acer.
  6. This is the first graphics card put in to the HP, also the HP as 12v-14a while the Acer has 12v-15a on PSU. Would 1 amp make a difference
  7. Im a bit short on money but could by an Aywun 500w PSU for $30NZ.

    -Classic Power series
  8. is it possible to try the Acer psu on the HP just to make sure its the PSU?
  9. no sorry its a friends who uses it alot
  10. Just to let anyone know that PCI-E 2.1 card won't on the DX2250 as it has a x16 1.0 slot and HP haven't released a bios update for 2.1 cards. 2.0 will be fine though.
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