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6850 V.S 6870 Video Card

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April 13, 2012 2:51:49 AM

Hi, I need help picking a video card. I need some benchmarks and I need to know which is the best for the money. I will be playing Starcraft 2, BF3, and Modern Warfare.

Gigabyte 6850:

XFX Double 6870:

Please answer.
Thank you in advance. :) 

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a c 99 U Graphics card
April 13, 2012 2:56:11 AM

First, here's a direct comparison of the two cards

personally I'd go with the 6870 from XFX. it'll let you have a smooth gaming experience with the games you mentioned at standard settings, and XFX offers lifetime warranty if you sign up :) 
April 13, 2012 4:33:41 PM

HD 6870 is aroung 20% faster than the HD 6850. It's worthwhile to purchase the first. The only problem here, is that the 6870 needs two 6 pin conector from your PSU the other needs only one. I bought a 6850 3 weeks ago, and I was more or less in your position. The 6850 cost 99 euros and 6870 130. I chose the first because of the PSU problem and because the HD 6850 included Dirt 3 and Deus Ex. Nevertheless I have to say the HD 6850 is great. No regrets at least up to 1680x1050! :) 

Good luck!
a b U Graphics card
April 13, 2012 4:36:23 PM

if you have enough power, and the extra cash, of course the 6870 is best, fps wise it is cheaper than the 6850.
April 30, 2012 2:50:50 PM

I've been running that 6850 card, but wanted to boost things up to power two 23" monitors and keep max graphics settings, plus fps.

I added an 6870 in crossfire (both are AMD radeon xfx cards)

I compared my results to tests using 3dmark06 at 1920x1200 (one monitor, everything else turned off)

this link is test results for two 6850s in crossfire

My 6850 card alone scored slightly higher (17630 3Dmarks vs 17383), but when I
put it in crossfire with the 8670, I scored 19192 vs their result of 23681 for 2X 6850 in crossfire.

I assume the 6870, installed in the PCIe #1 slot, will be seen as the master, while the 8650 in the #2 will be the slave. That's where I started, and hence, the
above results.

One of the (other forum) guys told me the second card should be in the PCIe #5 slot. Really? I mean, why would that make sense? Anyway, I tried it without
any measurable change.

Also my Win Dex graphics dropped from 7.8 for the 8670 alone to 7.7 when in crossfire, which was where I started when I had the 6850 running alone.
(strictly a reference point)

I'm also looking at FRAPS during game play, and get consistent 60fps, and then 100fps when I turn off vertical refresh rate in my first test, depending on the game.

I had a decrease in performance when benchmarking the crossed and uncrossed configurations within the DiRT 3 benchmark.

Bottom line:
The 6850 did fine alone
The 8670 did better alone
The two cards in crossfire did not increase performance. They together preform at a lower fps than the 8670 alone.
And, in crossfire, they are not even close to results I've seen for 2X 8650 in crossfire, which is what I would've expected.

I have additional specs here:

I'm looking for a performance level that is at least twice that of the 8650 alone.