AMD 8150 + Nvidia 560 GTX TI?

I am going to build my first gaming PC and i needed your guys' help!

I am going to buy the AMD 8150 and pair it up with the 560 GTX TI (maybe 2SLI) and my question is would this be a good pair? Or should I go with an intel processor - most likely an i7 or i5 one?

Thx guys!
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  1. If you can get an i5 3570k and a gtx 660. If not keep the cpu and still buy the gtx660 . The gtx 560ti is last generation
  2. Your figuring it out the wrong way round a gaming machine needs emphasis on the GPU then the CPU

    So first decide on a Graphics card say 660 or better, then decide what CPU you can afford that will be in balance with the card though from your 8150/560ti choice I'm guessing with some budgetary tinkering an i5 and a GTX660 are possible.

    If you do go AMD wait till the new generation of FX release the current ones are somewhat underwhelming.
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