DVI vs Analogue?

I have a couple of questions regarding DVI on a CRT monitor. Does it really make a difference? Do most CRT monitors come with a DVI connector? Is it even possible?! I imagine that the difference is negligible, but when I hear "digital" in the same sentence as "analogue" I immediately think digital is better :D

I'm fairly certain my video card (MSI GF4 ti4200 128mb) has a DVI connector, but I'm not sure. On that note, would it need a DVI in or a DVI out?

I'm so confused :(



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  1. As far as I know only LCD's come with DVi. From what i have read they do make quite a bit of differance in trems of display quailty.

    Your graphics card probaely does come with a DVi port. Its white, larger then the normal VGA port.

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