Graphics card broken?

Hello all,
Im new to this site soooo hello.

I have an Asus radeon 6850 and i was using eyefinty with 3 monitors. I have to keep turning eyefinity off and on depending on which games i play.
Eyefinity was off at the time and i turn my monitor on from stand-by and the frame rate starts to drop to about 4-5. Then a flash of purple and all of a sudden none of my monitors start to work. I restart my computer, still doesnt work. I take out the graphics card and try 1 monitor with my motherboards dvi slot. That seemed to make the 1 screen work. So i put the card back in and plug the same monitor and same cable in into the dvi on the card and it doesn't work.

My specs:
Windows 7
Asus P8Z68-V
Corsair 8 gb ram
Seagate 1tb hdd
Intel core i5 2500k
750W psu (forgot the brand)
Asus radeon 6850

Note: Everything was working fine until now

Thanks everyone
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  1. Well it looks like your gpu is dead, or almost, the question is what caused that?

    your Psu 750W should be enough unless the brand is something really generic.
    3 screens is really a hard set for only one 6850 that probably did the card run at maximum temps when connected, if your case has enough cooling that should not be the problem.

    but yes it really looks like your gpu is dead try plugging another GPU.
  2. ricardois, resolution has nothing to do how hard the card works. It won't overheat on 1080p if it doesn't overheat on 720p. Any resolution will fully load the GPU unless there's a CPU bottleneck.

    @OP: I think your card is dead. You should get the warranty cover it for you.
  3. well what i mean is that sometimes the gpu doesn't is at full load because it is handling easily that graphics at that resolution, but inscreasing resolution will cause the gpu to increase load of course, 100% load is maximum heat, but running at high resolution this 100% load is much more easily reached.

    but yes in most cases it is already at 100% load.
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