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Hi there :hello:

I'm here as I haven't jet been able to find a reason of my system hiccups. Basically system works fine apart from fact that it sometimes freezes for less than a second, most of the time I can notice that when listening for music or playing video.

Sound is like in the video on 1:36 to 1:38 second !!! WARNING not everyone will like this song, so please fast forward to that time spot !!! (Please forgive me for this, only thing which matches my PC's symptom, but without systems restart :lol: )

So what system am I running?:
CPU: AMD PHENOM II X6 1100T @3.30 GHz
RAM: 4x4GB CORSAIR VENGEANCE DDR3 @1600 (I know that it can go to 1833, need CPU upgrade or OC, but got stock cooling so NO :pfff: not going to.)
VGA: ASUS EN210 Silent (This is my work PC not gaming rig!)
PSU: CORSAIR AX1200 (Got very good deal, doubt that I will be even able to MAX it out!)
HDD: WDC WD3200AAKX-001CA0 ATA Device (System)
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x64

List of thing I have done:
• Upgraded Motherboards firmware (problem still persists)
• Made sure, that HDD are set in ACHI (problem still persists)
• Run MemTest, RAM is fine
• Have run system stability test for more than 24 h without BSoD
• Have set system to run with BIOS defaults, no effect.
• Have tortured HDD with tests while playing media from them, but at this point absolutely Nothing freezes, no matter how big are the files and so on.

Here are the temperature readings(Open system case, one 120 case fan and stock AMD fan for CPU)

Please advise
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  1. i would start by making sure your mb chipset drivers are up to date..your sound and video card drivers too and your web and flash is up to date..there is a know issue with some of nvidia drivers and java. you can turn of hardware help in flash by right clicking any of the video playing and turn it off. i would also use cpu-z and look at the speed of your ram that the mb set up and the ram speed in the spd tab. it may be the speed or timing is off or the voltage for the ram needs to be bumped. some ram is 1.5v some is 1.6-1.65 volts. i would also check and update your network drivers too.
  2. Hi smorizio,

    Thanks, for reply.

    I will work my way through your suggestions and will post results back here.
  3. Now I got a reason to thing that root of the problem was down to McAfee, removed it and pc is running smooth. Still to be properly trialled.
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