PSU connector types required on HP Pavilion

I need to replace the power supply in my HP Pavilion in order to accommodate a new graphics card requiring 300watt. The existing PSU I believe is a BESTEC ATX-250-12Z REC:C.

Opening the machine up there seem to be 5 existing connections:

1) DVD and CD drives - these both have a rectangular connector with 4 x 1 sections and 8 wires

2) Hard Drive - this is very similar to the above but perhaps a little larger in size.

3) Motherboard - a large rectangular connector with 10 x 2 sections. Many wires.

4) Motherboard - a square connector 2 x 2 with 4 wires.

The new graphics card also requires a 4 pin connection.

The dimensions of the existing power supply are 6 inches x 5 1/2 inches x 3 1/2 inches.

I was considering an Antec E380 or something similar but I am concerned about the type of connectors I need. I think the existing motherboard connectors are compatible with most modern power supplies but I’m unsure about the others.

Other than , which is not the exact same model, I can’t find any specs online describing the connectors on the Bestec. Here they are described as 4 x PATA.

- The Antec has 6 x Molex (and 4 x SATA, which look completely different to me).

- The Cosair 430CX has 3 x 4 Pin Peripheral Connectors (and 4 x SATA).

Are these Molex or 4 Pin Peripheral Connectors what I need or do I need to look for alternatives or adapters perhaps?

Would appreciate some guidance.

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  1. Hi there, you should have absolutely no problem when picking out a new power supply given there is enough wattage you will have all your connectors. So to answer your question you need molex/ 4 pin connectors, if its also a modern computer then you will need a sata connector as well which should come with the power supply. For selecting your power supply, you have chosen two good choices so go with either one of them.
  2. just buy any modern psu with more wattage
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