How do i get MotherBoard a885gm-a2 to run nvidia graphic card

yes when i try to run system rating on Win7 it does the first part of test than my GPU fan kick up like a jet than my monitor goes to sleep and locks up and the fan keeps running a max speed, place help!
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  1. It would help to know what your system is, GPU is overheating obviously though.
  2. no it running fine it just when i uninstall the Nvida GTX 550ti drivers and run the system rating it goes throught but when i install the drivers the Nvidia card freaks out and fan goes nuts and the monitor goes black and says "moniter going to sleep" and still running but i can't wake it up or anything. the GPU fan just keep maxing out. i have to hold the power botton to just cut it off. Motherboard A885GM-A2 has ATI Onboard hd 4250 with amd chipset nb880g and sb850
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