Cheap PCI Wireless N Adapter?

I need one of these for my motherboard that doesn't have on board wifi.

This is my motherboard:

MSI LGA1155 Motherboard B75MA-E33

Can you recommend something simple/stable/cheap.
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    the sumvision one at 10.30 i have used and is good, keeps a steady fast connection
  2. Cool thanks. You know where I can find the sumvision adapter that ships from US?
  3. ebay are cheaper than anyone when buying part or any pc parts. try ebay, just stick to the 300mps rather than the 150mps, or theres
  4. I use a cheap wireless adapter that works great. Its called the TP-Link TL-WN727N 11NGB 150 Mbps Wireless Adapter. Its great for gaming and streaming videos. Regularly its $20 but I found it for $4 on ebay. It works great and I can get through my day easily with it. Heres the link.
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