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Not sure if this is the right category but meh
I'm looking at a motherboard with
1x PCIe 3 X16
1x PCIe 2 X16 (@x4 speed)
The board supports Xfire but will the X4 speed limit performance much? (Not SLI'ing)
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  1. which cards?
  2. I can say if the card is like 6770 for example, I don't think there is a bottleneck.
  3. shouldn't be a problem a 6870 or lower. Might become a slight problem with a 6950 or higher.
  4. 2x 7770 or 6850s
  5. I'd say go with the 7770s because they scale better and it shouldn't be a problem on x4.
  6. 7770 it is then :) thanks for the help
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