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my budget is around Rs 3000-4000. what graphics card should i buy to run gamesd like ACrevelations, Hitman Absolution, Skyrim , max payne 3 in moderately ghood quality and smoothly?
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  1. Resolution?

    How much do things cost over there?

    How much budget is that in US dollars?
  2. I believe 'Rs' is the Indian rupee. If so, 4000 would translate into ~ $80. You could buy a Radeon 5770 for ~$100, I play Skyrim on that myself.
  3. This article might help point you in the right direction:,3107.html
  4. For your price, your best bet is HD5670. It's not very powerful, but will play games in good quality if your resolution isn't too high.
  5. i bought GT 240 DDR5.. its running awesome. cost about $64.7
  6. cost of things.. it depends..
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