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6870 is out of stock, now what?

I am going to build my first desktop in the next month. I went shopping to see how
prices are and to find out what is available.

(I live in Taiwan) I had to make some changes. I went to our computer heaven and everybody
told me the 6870 is gone. It has been replaced with 7770. The price was about $175usd, which
is way higher than expected; and from what I read it is below the 6870 in performance.

Now I'm thinking to switch to GTX 560 (not Ti) but then I can't get ASRock Gen3 motherboard.
Any suggestions? Should I wait a month to see if other AMD graphics card are available and at
reasonable price or just step over to GTX 560? (I am building for Battelfield 2 and 3 --love it)

I appreciate any feedback.
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    Of course you can go with 560 and Asrock gen3, what is the problem?

    I would strongly suggest you to upgrade your budget to a 7850 or a 560 ti this will worth the extra cash and will run much better battlefield 3.
  2. I decided to get the 560Ti. It is on sale here, I can get it for $195usd.
    It's the MSI 560-Ti Twn Frozr.
    I did find the Asus 6850, but it's not up to par. So gonna pass.

    In regards to the ASRock Pro3 Gen 3. I thought incorrectly, I was thinking of the
    CPU chip. The chip will be an i5 for sure, probably the 3750. It will be here in just
    over a week so I'll get that one. Point is, I can get the ASRock.
    The Pro 3 Gen 3 is $115usd and Pro 3 Gen4 is $145.
    So Gen 3 it is.
  3. awesome choices, and awesome 560ti twinfrozr price. this card is awesome great cooling. and yes the gen 3 will work normally and if in the future you would like to upgrade your cpu to ivy bridge, and your gpu to a 3.0 you will not need to change motherboard with that asus with pci-e 3.0.
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