Can keeping two same graphics cards to a computer gives 2x performance

hello mates i want to know that can keeping two graphics cards of same type gives double performance?

i have sapphire radeon 5450 1gb ddr3 graphics card with which i can play batman arkham city on low......

if i keep one more ati card of same type does my game run on high settings?

please reply if u have any answers........ :D

and THANK YOU..................... :)
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  1. you can only do it if your 2 cards can be crossfired which would require the cards to support crossfire and be compatible. you would also need to have a crossfire bridge connecting the 2 cards.

    the performance gain isn't double and doesn't always work well with all games.
  2. I would highly recommend you buy a new card altogether if you want to play games. The 5450 is not a gaming card by any standards, and doesn't seem to have very good Xfire scaling :)
    What's your rig/budget?
  3. Nice Doraemon avatar.

    No, your card does not support Xfire. It can hybrid Xfire, but the gain from hybrid Xfiring a weak card with IPG on compatible mobo will be minimal.

    I suggest you to list your current full spec so we can give you the most appropriate upgrade path.
  4. my computer specs are

    windows 7 ultimate 64 bit
    6gb ddr3 ram
    intel core i3 540@ 3.07 GHz
  5. best option is upgrading your video card, if you tell us your Power supply, and the maximum budget of a gpu whe can recommend you a upgrading, buying another 5450 will give you almost no improvement in gaming and will be a waste of money.
  6. You need to tell us the mobo and PSU as well.
  7. Pyree said:
    You need to tell us the mobo and PSU as well.

    what is mobo and PSU and say me some good graphics cards below 6000 rupees only

    and what is ur graphics card and price?
  8. motherboard and power supply unit?
  9. what is ur graphics cards? and say its price

    my budget is below 117 $ only that is below 6000 rupees
  10. if you wan't to play batman arkham city i would recommend you minimum a 6850 but that is a little over your budget U$149

    the best gpu on that budget is the 6770 but if you can upgrade to the 6850 would be a nice investment.

    but you need to make sure your psu is good enough to handle it, also make sure your Motherboard have a pci-e x16 slot

    7750 could be an option too.
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