I wanna build a €1500 gaming computer

Hi guys

i wanna make a new gaming computer (desktop) (actually my first) and i need some help with all the components.

I'm a total computer knownothing actually but since i cant find any decent computers around that look nice and are prebuild i'm thinking of composing one myself make it of let someone make it not figured out yet since like i said i know nothing of making a nice and cool looking PC.

My budget is up to €1500 that's like $1875 at the moment.

The main usage will be games since i have a crappy laptop for the easy stuff

Since i have a laptop i will need a monitor+mouse+speakers and also a OS (win 7 Home Premium i guess) and these must also fit into the budget.

I live in Belgium so about shipping costs i'll worry later on and maybe look for a store in belgium that sells all the components.

I prefer Intel as a CPU but i have no idea what one to choose.

I heard about overclocking but i have no idea how to do that so i might need to find someone who can do that for me then.

Well now i'll say what i thought about and what i know i want (i'll try explaining what i want in human language since i'm not familiar with the names of all the items :p.

Case: well since a pc also needs to look cool in my oppinion i would like a "matt" if that is the right word (not shiny) black case with a see-through side panel and with blue LED's and at the bottom i want like 2cm stands so that there is some air circulation under the PC.

MotherBoard: i lack the knowledge to choose a decent one.

Graphics card: i honestly have no idea what i can get within the budget and is good and reliable.

CPU: same as Graphics card, some say I5-2500K others say I7-3770K and then others say totally different things.

RAM: i was thinking about 2 4GB Corsair Vengeance Blue DDR3-1600 (blue because it would fit in the case (the eye also wants to eat is an expression we kinda use).

Power Supply: Corsair TX750 750Watt.

Storage: 1 128 GB SSD (maybe more then 128 GB don't know actually, but not less) (with the OS on it and my main game(s).
+1 1 TB HDD (i heard Western Digital ones are good) (for all other storage needs).

Optical drive: some cheap one that does the job.

Card reader: all in one (i heard they are like $20 so why not take one).

CPU cooler: i thought about water cooling but i would like with neon-blue pipes and such for the looks but i have no idea how to make a water cooling system so i'll need some help with that when building it if i go for that path.

Also i want a monitor(not too big don't wanna rebuild my entire room for it :p) +mouse (+mouse mat (or whatever it's called))+keyboard+boxes that fit with the black and blue style.

I think i left the most important parts open and that's where i need the most information.

Now i think i'll let you all loose on this budget.

Any comment is welcome and so is any advice.

I'm hoping for some nice advice and tips and tricks.
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  1. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/9QCe

    this build is around 1650 dollars american. i gave you around 200 dollars of space so that you can import certain parts (a lot of the parts that i picked arent in europe). the peripherals are some personal choices espically the keyboard. it uses the blue mechaincal switches (blue=clicky). if you dont like clicky keyboards, just get the same keyboard with brown swtiches
  2. Alternate is a good site that I know of which is, if not based in Belgium itself, is situated nearby and certainly caters for the Belgian market.
  3. yeah a friend told me about alternate before ty for telling, will try and see if they got what TheBigTroll suggested and see how that works out in price

  4. I came up with this which should be closer to being in budget, the GTX 670 definitely pushes you over as they are ~€400.
    I haven't included peripherals or the monitor because the peripherals are kind of personal choice and I don't know enough about the monitor market to make a recommendation.
    With the case I tried to meet your matt black, side panel window and blue LED criteria, but not the feet one because I don't usually pay attention to case feet when researching cases.
    You could save on the motherboard and PSU if you don't want the option to crossfire/SLI in the future.

    Intel i5-2500K €220

    ASRock Z77 Extreme4 €145

    G.Skill Ares 8GB (2x 4GB) DDR3 1600MHz CAS9 1.5V F3-1600C9D-8GAB €59

    Sapphire Radeon HD 7870 GHz Edition €350

    Crucial M4 128GB CT128M4SSD2 €120

    Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB HD103SJ €80

    Cooler Master CM 690 II Advanced + Window USB3.0 €110
    Enermax Fulmo Premium €120
    Sharkoon cases are a cheaper alternative

    XFX Pro 650W XXX Edition €92
    Cooler Master Silent Pro M2 620W €100

    Deepcool Ice Matrix 400 €28

    Pioneer DVR-219BK €25

    Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit SP1 OEM €100

    Total: €1339
  5. Yeah i tested TheBigTroll his build and that one pushes me over the €1775 and i couldn't find some of his items on alternate, so i would need to let those ship over, which would push the price further up i'm afraid but i'll see check some things also i'm gonna check your build silvune

  6. http://www.alternate.be/html/product/Voedingen/XFX/750W_Semi_Modular_Black_Edition/534948/?tn=HARDWARE&l1=Voedingen&l2=meer+dan+600+Watt € 104,90*
    XFX 750W Semi Modular Black Edition (Retail)

    http://www.alternate.be/html/product/Moederborden_Socket_1155/ASRock/Z77_Extreme4/646285/?tn=HARDWARE&l1=Moederborden&l2=Intel&l3=Socket+1155 € 144,90*
    ASRock Z77 Extreme4 (Retail)

    http://www.alternate.be/html/product/CPUs_Socket_1155/Intel(R)/Core_en%20_trade_i5-3570K/614438/?tn=HARDWARE&l1=Processoren+%28CPU%29&l2=Desktop&l3=Socket+1155 € 229,90*
    Intel® Core™ i5-3570K (Boxed, FC-LGA4, "Ivy Bridge")

    http://www.alternate.be/html/product/CPUs_Koelers/Cooler_Master/Hyper212_Evo/582695/?tn=HARDWARE&l1=Koeling&l2=Processor € 29,99*
    Cooler Master Hyper212 Evo (Retail)

    http://www.alternate.be/html/product/Geheugen_DDR3-1600/Corsair/8_GB_DDR3-1600_Kit/565666/?tn=HARDWARE&l1=Geheugen&l2=DDR3 € 57,90*
    Corsair 8 GB DDR3-1600 Kit (Light-Retail, CML8GX3M2A1600C9, Vengeance LP)

    http://www.alternate.be/html/product/DVD-reWriters_Serial-ATA/LG/GH-24NS/554421/?tn=HARDWARE&l1=DVD+%2F+Blu-ray&l2=DVD-branders € 17,99*
    LG GH-24NS (Bulk, 12-x DVD-RAM)

    http://www.alternate.be/html/product/Grafische_kaarten_nVidia_PCIe/MSI/N670GTX-PM2D2GD5-OC/664599/?tn=HARDWARE&l1=Grafische+kaarten&l2=PCIe+kaarten+NVIDIA&l3=GeForce+GTX € 399,-*
    MSI N670GTX-PM2D2GD5/OC (Retail, 2x DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort, SLI)

    http://www.alternate.be/html/product/Harddisks_3,5_inch_SATA/Western_Digital/WD1002FAEX_1_TB/412287/?tn=HARDWARE&l1=Harddisks&l2=Serial-ATA € 114,90*
    Western Digital WD1002FAEX 1 TB (Bulk)

    http://www.alternate.be/html/product/Software_System_Builder_Besturingssystemen/Microsoft/Windows_7_Home_Premium_64-Bit/525326/?tn=SOFTWARE&l1=Besturingssystemen&l2=SystemBuilder+%2F+OEM € 99, 90 *
    Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit (System Builder, incl ServicePack 1)

    Total: €1199.38

    http://www.alternate.be/html/product/Monitoren_LCD/Samsung/S22B350H/640341/?tn=HARDWARE&l1=Monitoren&l2=LED € 169,90*
    Samsung S22B350H (Retail)

    http://www.alternate.be/html/product/Behuizingen_Midi_Tower/Corsair/Carbide_500R/579735/?tn=HARDWARE&l1=Behuizingen&l2=Midi+Tower € 109,90*
    Corsair Carbide 500R (Retail)

    http://www.alternate.be/html/product/Behuizingen_Midi_Tower/Corsair/Carbide_400R/565436/?tn=HARDWARE&l1=Behuizingen&l2=Midi+Tower € 99,90*
    Corsair Carbide 400R (Retail)

    http://www.alternate.be/html/product/Behuizingen_Midi_Tower/Corsair/Carbide_300R/619121/?tn=HARDWARE&l1=Behuizingen&l2=Midi+Tower € 69,90*
    Corsair Carbide 300R (Retail)

    http://www.alternate.be/html/product/Solid_State_Disk_2,5_inch_SATA/Kingston/SV200S37A-128G/609767/?tn=HARDWARE&l1=Harddisks&l2=SSD € 117,90*
    Kingston SV200S37A/128G (Light-Retail, SSDNow V200)
  7. This card should run on par with the AMD 7870 and do it for cheaper. A 650w psu will push two of these cards in SLI.

    http://videocardz.com/nvidia/geforce-600/geforce-gtx-660 €300 (due for release July/August)
  8. the 660 isnt quite out yet... i guess you could wait
  9. 3570k and Asus z77 MB or 2500k and z68 MB, 8gb RAM, GTX670, Corsair PSU, go cheap everything else.
  10. dreadllokz said:
    3570k and Asus z77 MB or 2500k and z68 MB, 8gb RAM, GTX670, Corsair PSU, go cheap everything else.

    If your going to give advice like that, then please explain why. Otherwise troll somewhere else.
  11. lawls im still here:P
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