I7920 Will Not Go Past 4.1ghz!

hey guys, here is my system:

i7920@4.1ghz, Vcore: 1.25
6gb DDR3@1600
500gb HHD
(2) 4890's in Crossfire
EVGA x58 mainboard
CoolerMaster V8 cpu cooler

When I first got into overclocking, right off the bat I tried for a 191 multi at stock voltages, following this guide: http://www.evga.com/forums/tm.aspx?m=277849&mpage=1

Well, it worked and I was more than happy with 4ghz at stock voltage of 1.257. Well fast forward a bit, tried 4.1ghz and even decided to lower the voltages a bit to 1.25. This is what I'm currently running at and everything is fine. Well I figured I must have gotten an awesome chip for me to be running at 4ghz+ with an undervoltage. So I tried to go past 4.1 with a target of at least 4.4ghz. The thing is my chip does not want to go past 4.1 at all. I even tried raising the voltage significantly to like 1.5V but no luck. I made sure my ram stayed at or below 1600. Is there something else I should be adjusting in the BIOs? Maybe more voltage options? I don't understand why my chip can do great at stock or below voltages but if I try to even raise the Vcore, it won't boot. Should I just be happy at where I'm at? How can people get these things to 5ghz is beyond me.
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  1. Perhaps your just being greedy , 4hgz with an under volt perhaps it's time to call it a day
  2. Is it stable or just booting into windows for 4 minutes?
    Stable means such as 2 hours of prime95 in my opinion.
  3. Well for me, so far stable is a few runs of 3d mark 06, and not freezing during 1hour+of heavy gameplay. I will try prime95 though, is a good program I've heard.
  4. whats the ram voltage??
    Is your base clock too high?
    make sure when your overclocking to increase these voltages too
    CPU PLL Voltage
    QPI/DRAM Core Voltage
    IOH Voltage
    ICH Voltage
    DRAM Bus Voltage

    My i7 950 is running at 4.5ghz, not sure how far the 920s go, keep in mind that your running a mid end cooler as well, temps need to be below 80 for them to go any further, otherwise the crash or throttle down. I know this cause i had the same problem before when using a cooler master 212+, upgraded to h80 watercooler, and increased a few temps. Btw 1.5volts is way to high. 1.45 tops =)
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