3 Monitors with 2 GPU

Hello everyone,

I'm looking for a solution for having extended view on 3 monitors. I have searched all over the web and eventually I'm a little lost :)

To begin with, I have a Dell T1600 workstation that comes with Nvidia Quadro 600 GPU. As far as I know, I need to add another GPU for 3 monitors. My monitors will have VGA, DVI and HDMI connections.

If it is possible, I don't want to add DP-DVI/HDMI adapter. As Quadro 600 has one DVI and one DP connection, it will be connected to one monitor via DVI. The second GPU will be connected to other 2 monitors via VGA/DVI/HDMI.

Since ATI cards need DP connection for Eyefinity, I am not considering them as a solution. But if this is also an unavoidable issue for Nvidia cards, I would prefer a ATI card (like R5670). I don't need high performance cards as I won't play game or render graphics. Can anyone suggest a cheap proper GPU?

To make it organized:

BUDGET RANGE: Up to $200

USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: It will be used for general office tasks.

CURRENT GPU AND POWER SUPPLY: Nvidia Quadro 600 and 320W Power Factor Correcting (PFC) power supply.



MONITOR RESOLUTION: There will be one 22" monitor and two full hd televisions. All of them are 1920*1080

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: As I mentioned, I don't want to add a DP-DVI/HDMI adapter. If it is possible all the connections should be DVI or HDMI. If I have to use a DP connection I will take out Quadro 600 and buy an ATI (or AMD, whatever) GPU. OS will be Windows 7 32 bit.

Thank you all :)
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  1. EDIT: Also there is an integrated GPU on the mainboard. I don't think so but I'm curious: Is it possible to connect 3 monitors via integrated GPU and Quadro 600? Chipset of the mainboard is Intel C206.
  2. basically get any higher end 5XXX, 6XXX or 7XXX series AMD they can run 3 monitors no problem at all, also if ur gonna have 8GB of ram, u should be using windows 7 64 Bit. 32 bit isnt gonna see more than 4 at max.
  3. Thank you for reply. As I said I don't want to add a DP adapter. If I have to, then I will buy a AMD R5670 card.

    You are right about RAM issue. However because of a specific software I have to use 32bit OS. So, we can consider it as 3.7 GB RAM.
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