Can dual Video Cards (PCI-E and PCI) work in Win 7?

My setup is this: Win 7 Pro 64-bit, Lenovo M90p with one half-height PCI-E and one half-height PCI slot. I am trying to setup triple monitors using a 8400GS in each slot.
I have removed the faceplate from the PCI card, so that I can snake in a video cable that connects to the PCI-E ribbon inside of the computer (wedged between the two cards). Two slots, three monitors. Works awesome with WinXP. No go with Windows 7.
Windows 7 will only see one or the other card. When I adjust the video settings in BIOS, I get only Integrated or PCI or PCI-E. Inside of Windows 7, the OS is the same in device manager (will only see one at a time). Reinstalling the Nvidia driver only works for whichever card is currently active.
Legacy installation does not work in that no .inf files from the Nvidia install directory are recognized as vaild for the second card. Is there an .inf file out there that I can use to have Windows 7 see the second card (preferably the PCI)?
Any ideas?
Any help is greatly appreciated.
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  1. It should work. I am using 2 gtx470s in SLI to drive the main screen and the secondary screen. I then have a evga 8400gs 512 pci driving my 3rd and 4th screen.

    I am just using the most current drivers from the nvidia site.

    So this exact configuration worked on xp? but not7? I dont understand the PCI-e ribbon you are using? can you explain how you have the cards plugged into the board?
  2. Same setup works beautiful in XP. XP saw the cards as to seperate entities.

    Windows 7 sees one or the other depending on which I have setup as primary in BIOS. If I select On-board video as primary, only the PCI is seen as PCI-E and on-board do not play nice with each other. Either way, I can currently only run two monitors.

    My PC only has two slots. The PCI-E card has a ribbon cable (VGA) that reaches to a second slot (with a faceplate) to allow a second monitor. I have the ribbon meet the VGA inside of the PC so that I can use the PCI slot for the second video card.

    I am wondering if the issue is that they are both 8400s. However, they are different busses so Win 7 should see them as two distinct cards.
  3. In my case i have 2 exatly the same gtx470s. Windows can clearly identify the 2 seperate cards. If i want to disable SLI I can power 6 monitors instead of only 4.

    This is a function of the nvidia driver. Did you use the driver from or just the one that windows installs automaticly.

    I would set the bios to use the PCI-e card as the primary then I would get the most current driver from nvidia.

    In the device manager is the second card listed but not active, or does it have a yellow ! on it, or is it just not there.
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