Bad RAm or BAD mobo?

I have A7V with 800Mhz Athlon and cheap pc133 CAS2.5 256Mb(I have loaned my other 192Mb to my friend, but it is high quality Kingmax pc133 CAS2) RAM that can't be o'clocked higher and when I set fsb to 101Mhz - it just won't post. EVEN when set it as pc100 CAS3 it doesn't post at all. But it did before with Kingmax RAM(up to 110mhz), I didn't buy any new hardware, I have GeForce2 MX and SB Live! value and 56K modem. Why would that be this way? why wouldn't cheap pc133 RAm work at 101mhz ? When I don't o'clock fsb and set RAM to pc100 it works fine. This is the biggest problem I have ever experienced with my PC.
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  1. Cheap is not always best when it comes to technology. But make sure the ram is not ECC. Also the chips that are not of good quality don't step well. Never cut corners on the essentials. Even thought it may be 133 mhz those chips may not have been labeled properly or they are just bad. Check with the manufacturer to see if there are known issues with the ram. Boxes have been known to leave the factory with the wrong ram.

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  2. no they work supe fine at 133Mhz and 100Mhz but NOT at 101Mhz...this is very stupid...
  3. If it works fine at 133, then its probably the bios or mobo itself. I use el cheapo 133 cas 3 ram and set the cas to 2 still works fine, lucky ram.

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  4. <font color=blue>errrr, if kingston works fine - bad ram. Why would you think anything different?

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