"Gas Leak" like sound while refreshing Windows Experience Index

Hi guyz,
I dont know what nV is doing, every time new issue related to it. My GTX 560-Ti was making a gas leaking sound when I was refreshing my Win score! Psss! Psss! ssssp! pssps! Like this.....

I am seriously worried as recently it was making coil whining sound and yet I didnt get the solution that why coil whining? But then I ignored.

I am here again to get final decision that should I now sell out my card which was recently purchased on my choice, bad day!! And get 7 Series ATI because though dont have PhysX but still I want something that just do its work quietly for few months!

Thanks! I hope I'll get my answer ASUSUAL!
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  1. PhysX is pretty worthless unless you really really like batman.

    Coil Whine isnt too much to worry about outside of it being annoying. Theres a fix for it but you might not like it. It involves slathering nail polish on your videocard
  2. Nail Polish! Girl's Gun in Gamer's Shell? That Coool! I'll try but where to apply? What about my second issue?
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