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Okay so i am looking into building a PC for my Girlfriends mom. She mostly uses her desktop for the web and iTunes. I would like to be able to make a good desktop for her that will last multiple years. I am wanting some peoples advice on builds, id say 8gb memory and a max 500gb hard drive. I'm looking at spending nothing over 400 dollars if that is even possible
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  1. You will have a hard time with a $400 budget beating a prebuilt from Lenovo, HP, dell, etc.
    They get windows for mucch less than the $100 you have to pay.
    Spend some time getting rid of the sampleware that they load it with. That also subsidizes their cost.

    But, to impress the GF and her mom, I suggest you add your own funds to do something really special.

    To my mind, the most important functionalcomponent would be a SSD. It is the one thing that makes everything feel quick.
    80gb -120gb might be right. Expect to pay $1 per gb. Perhaps a bit more for a quality unit from Intel or samsung.

    A sandy bridge duo will be $50-$100. Really, any will do.

    A itx motherboard will be as little as $50.

    8gb of ram will be $40

    For a case, get a cute one, like the lian li Q07. The red color is outstanding, if you can find one.

    Or, a small case like the Antec isk 310-150 which includes a psu.

    You get the idea.
  2. Well i already have the windows software.... she also needs something for burning DVD's...
  3. dragon7786 said:
    Well i already have the windows software.... she also needs something for burning DVD's...

    A sata DVD burner is cheap, about $20. Samsung and ASUS are ok. I think Samsung is quieter.
    What about monitor, keyboard, and mouse?
    How will she connect to the internet?
  4. monitor keyboard and mouse she already has and are working fine.... and by ethernet
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    OK, here is a reasonable build:

    1) CPU Intel G530 $50. I use it's predecessor, the G6950 in my backup pc, and it is strong enough for normal usage.

    2) ECS H61 M-ATX motherboard, $45 after rebate. Again, I used ECS before, with no issues.

    3) 4gb of ram, in a 2 x 2gb kit. $23:

    4) Antec NSK 4482 M-ATX case with included 380w psu. $90
    Antec is the only case vendor that I would trust with an included psu.

    5) Intel series 330 120gb SSD. $120 after rebate. This is the key to a responsive pc. For the longest time, my only storage was a 120gb ssd. It held the os, 6-8 games, and 4gb of photos. If you need to hold many video's, then add a hard drive.

    6) Samsung dvd burner $17. I have used ASUS also, but I think Samsung is quieter.
    I think that totals up to $345.

    You could pick a stronger cpu up to $100, and/or a 8gb ram kit and still stay within the $400 budget.

    WOW!, I did not think it could be done.
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  7. thanks man! can't believe it was under the price!!!!
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