How do i know what brand of video card goes in my motherboard

Hello, I have an acer AM3920-E4002 , and I wanna put a new GPU in it , the only problem is the motherboard runs off of on board graphics card Intel . I was wondering if some one could let me know if this is compatible with AMD or Nvidia
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  1. any brand
  2. Any board with a pci x16 slot will run any card from nvidia or amd. It's just certain motherboard that has 2 or more pci x16 slot that has either SLI(multi card from nvidia) or crossfire(multi card from amd) compatibility or compatible with both of them.
  3. Ya, it don't matter. It's user preference!!!
  4. A search of some vendors shows PCI expansion for this model as "N/A". IE, this one:

    Also, I see that the power supply specs are 300w for that PC. You will need to make sure that the machine HAS a PCI expansion slot and that the card is capable of running from a 300w PS before buying.
  5. ^ +1
  6. thank you guys very much
  7. how would i go about checking the size of the ram it can take i understand its ddr3 but at wich freq , and max amount it can handle ?
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