I can connect to the internet but i cant login to anything

Hello everyone, I have recently been experiencing a strange problem with my wireless internet connection. I am connected to the internet, and I can browse and open websites.

The problem arises, however, when I try to open a site that requires me to login to something.

For example, I can't open my email, I can't access my wachovia account, the wow forums, etc. When I try to open a page that requires me to login to something, the page reads as if I am not connected to the internet.

This problem has crossed over to games that require the internet as well. I could login to world of warcraft just fine until I had to download a new patch. After that, the wow login screen just keeps disconnecting me.

I have a dell dimension 4700 desktop that uses Windows XP. I use firefox, but IE seems to have the same problem as well.

Because my desktop does not have a built-in wireless, I use a linksys program that has a usb connector. Recently, however, this program has not been opening or showing up on my taskbar to connect to a wireless network. I have tried uninstalling the program and reinstalling it, but that problem persists. So, recently I have just been using the Windows Network Connection to connect to the wireless network.

I have searched different forums about this problem but I haven't found anything that could help, so any insight into this problem would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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  1. So basically SSL and HTTPS is not working?

    Are you using a proxy server?
  2. From other things that I've read it sounds like that is most likely true. Though I am not computer savvy enough to fix it. The linksys system that I have been using to connect my desktop to wireless networks no longer opens on my computer. The linksys USB that connects me to my houses wireless network can no longer connect using the linksys program. Instead it must go through the Windows Network to connect. I assumed that this might have been the problem, but maybe it isn't.

    Without a full understanding of what a proxy network is, I am going to say that, yes I am using a proxy server. I went under internet options and saw that I was using a proxy server. I switched away from the proxy server but the problem still persisted.
  3. I'd suggest diong whatever you can to clean up your networking settings, something is munged up, but fixing it may be a bit hard.

    Could just be easier to scrub things down and rebuild.
  4. Eww, I don't even know where I'd start. I'll give it a try though. I've searched some online about restoring the proxy network settings, but I don't even know what they are to begin with. My computer is just really old and is falling apart. I am getting a new laptop soon, but it is just annoying not being able to access my email.
  5. Ok, do you have a CD burner or USB disk you can spare? Install a bootable version of a Linux OS, and try it.

    Alternatively, find a way to run a wired connection to your system.
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