Confused in what I beleive to be a short circuit?

So a little background, water was spilled on the top of the case which had a fan on it so I instantly turned off the PC, dried it off a bit and let it sit for a few days to air out.

Boot up went fine and components were fine but then I received a few errors and it shut down. I unplugged everything and moved it to my workbench, got it setup and started a second boot. Except this time it started for about 1-3 seconds then it shuts down and attempts repeatedly until I disconnect the power. With further investigation I find that the GPU fan wasn't starting up so I assume it wasn't receiving power which seemed odd since it was fine 10 minutes previously. After fiddling around re securing components connections, reset the CMOS and unplugging a few novelty LSD fans on the side of the case and nothing worked.

I unplugged my 2TB HD because I was gonna test it on my friends computer because I needed my homework off of it and before leaving I decided to boot again. Surprisingly it starts!? :??: Since both hardrives have an OS installed it booted into windows fine. So now I'm thinking great, nothing is wrong after all. I turn the computer off and I plug my 2TB HD back in and try to boot and BAM! I'm back to square one, the GPU stopped working again :fou: . At this point I'm thinking it's just my 2TB hardrive so I unplug it again and try to boot up and nothing, the GPU won't start up. Regardless I go to my friends house, and hook up the 2TB drive and it works fine. I come home again about 4 hours later, attempt to boot the computer and it's working again?

I'm confused on what is going on and could use some advice. I know the GPU works fine because I'm on the computer right now, the HD works fine on other computers but once it's plugged into mine and I try to boot the GPU won't start. I've tried starting with only the 2TB drive and not my secondary, I tried switching cables from my secondary to my 2TB drive, I've switched to alternate SATA slots on the MB. Everything seems to be related to simply plugging in my 2TB drive.
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  1. In situations like this, your best option is to break the system down to the bare minimum needed for POST, and then adding in and testing one component at a time.

    With potential liquid damage added to the mix, make sure to inspect the motherboard and other components for any corrosion blooms. If you find any, plan on having to replace that component.
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