How do I get a second display (non hdmi) with gtx570?

Hi, Ive moved from a hd4890 to a gtx570.

With the HD4890 having two displays was simple. I just plugged them into the card which had two exactly the same ports and away I went.

Now with my GTX570 it has two similar but different ports so I plug in one and have to search the net for the adapter which fits the other port. I find it, buy it, plug it and no second display is detected. Both displays are old but no means obsolete and support HD if not having actual hdmi ports and worked fine on the radeon card.. so what the deal? How do I get these working? Am i being a nub?

thanks! :hello:
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  1. What make/model of GTX570 do you have (so we can figure out the ports your video card has)? And, what make/model of monitors are you using (same as with the video card so we can figure out the types of ports it has)?
  2. Also, it sounds like you connected a VGA adapter to a digital only port, thus why the second display isn't working.

    Please clarify.
  3. I connected two monitors using an HDMI and VGA to DVI-I and I had no problems on an EVGA 570.

    You will have to discern whether or not your monitors have DVI-I or DVI-D, or possibly a display port. The two similar ports are DVI-I and DVI-D, only DVI-I output slot on your card will accept a VGA-non-digital input, with an adapter. I believe DVI-I is still VGA not digital,, so I do not believe you can go from DVI-I to DVI-D. But Im not sure 100% on the DVI-I to DVI-D thing, so please check
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