Where to buy reference cards?

Im looking to buy either a GTX 560, 579, 580, or 680 ish GPU to be watercooled, i can make my own mind up about which one ot buy but as im watercooling ive been told i need reference cards but cant find them on scan or dabs etc, anyone any ideas or links on where to buy nvidia cards?
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  1. newegg hs them but they are out of stock
    look on amazon, ebay
  2. ta
  3. Is geforce referance?
  4. If you are taking the time and money to watercool your graphics cards you might as well get the best cards out there. Go for a 580 or a 680. Just checked Newegg and these 680s are reference and are at the time of this writing in stock at Newegg: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814162095

    I highly recommend them, buy soon because they will sell out.

    Edit: And now a few minutes later they are out of stock again.
  5. 680 is AMAZING! GET IT! I only think you will need one right now though, meets my needs.
  6. how can you tell that it is referance? And I will stick to a 560 or 580 as i want 2 in SLI and cant afford 2 680s and need 2 as the build is not for use but for marketing
  8. AlexJamesNewbie said:
    how can you tell that it is referance? And I will stick to a 560 or 580 as i want 2 in SLI and cant afford 2 680s and need 2 as the build is not for use but for marketing

    If the build isn't going to be used then why not just tape some rubber hoses up to a couple FX5200 boards and tell them they're dual watercooled not-yet-released gtx 780s? You could even tell them the computer can sprout wings and fly them to South France for a binge on the Riviera.

    But seriously, compare the nvidia reference design parameters with the card you are considering buying. Look especially at the cooling solution that is used.

    The GTX580 review from Tom's shows you the reference design: http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/geforce-gtx-580-gf110-geforce-gtx-480,2781.html

    Compare the card you are considering with the reference design covered in that article.
  9. Erm....

  10. I have never really actively looked, but I have seen straight nvidia 560's at best buy in store. It had a worse cooling solution than any aftermarket 560 and it was more expensive.

    just get the most basic version of your 580...Dont get the dual fan EVGA DS or some Twin frozr bullshit, just get the single fan EVGA and strip off all that fan crap and throw it in the garbage. haha jk save the plastic for when you explode the card so you can return it.

    You playing crysis 3 already? no reason you should need two 580's at all unless your one of those types who buys $2k comptuers to fold 24/7 on. rofl
  11. Another tip: Go to a card manufacturer's website (MSI, eVGA, Galaxy, etc.) and go to their product list and look at the whichever chip you've chosen (560, 560ti, 570, 580) specifically at their different models (using that same chip) listed. The reference card is the base model and should be listed as the least expensive. It won't have a special model name like "TwinFrozr" or "Classified". Write down the model number and then search for it at your preferred vendor.

    Here is an example - Select 580 from the drop-down box - then the 580 at the bottom is the pure reference card: http://www.evga.com/products/prodlist.asp?family=All%20Graphics
  12. I found the EVGA GeForce GTX 580 015-P3-1580-AR is the reference card from newegg

    but for GTX560Ti I only can find one from ASUS, and the review link http://www.overclockersclub.com/reviews/nvidia_asus_gtx560ti/

    Good Luck.
  13. Thanks for your help guys although please could i refer you to the following thread???


    Thanks again, most helpful =]
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