Is asus nvidia geforce gt 520 a good one?

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  1. Depends on what you intend to use it for.

    Watching movies? Sure
    Gaming? Not even close
    Paper Weight? So-so

    -Wolf sends
  2. neymar96 said:

    Wolfshadow is right. If you're looking for a graphics card for gaming, you sure don't want that one!
  3. I'd say it's OK for browsing, watching HD movies, Bluray playback, etc. But not at all gaming. A decent HTPC card I can say.
  4. My friendly advice would be,dont even consider that card for gaming ,TRUST me !!! Lowest you should go is radeon 6570 or maybe nvidia gt 440,and even they are not meant for gaming !!! Just dont rush anything you could get burned,it's better to wait and to gather more funds so you could atleast buy one of those 2 cards mentioned above ,cheers !!!
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