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I have a brand new intel i5 3570K stuck to the standard heatsink that comes with the processor. The problem is that its stuck with Arctic Silver thermal adhesive, which isnt even meant for CPUs and is permanent, wont come off. I tried freezing it and pulling but it didnt work, and im afraid to pull anymore since i might break the motherboard. Is there any other way to get the adhesive off without sandpaper (since the adhesive is still stuck between the heatsink and CPU i cant use it), or am i screwed with 350 bucks worth of trash?
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  1. sadly that type of adhesive is an epoxy and has no solvent (IE removal substance), your best bet i think is to heat it rather than freeze it, and try and twist and pull. sandpaper or some physical removal technique is your only option
    Sorry to hear about that xC
  2. try and heat it, then apply a small twisting movement. it might take a while, but it will come off!(hopefully!)
  3. I heated it with a fan, and luckily enough, i had applied sucha thing layer that it came off!! now i just have to hope i didnt damage the CPU.. thanks for the tip! ;D
  4. You may want to essentially scrap the heatsink. I would make sure that you have the mobo/CPU/heatsink out of the case to work on by themselves.

    If it's an adhesive like that, the only possible way to break the seal would be to try using adhesive remover solutions.

    I'm sure that they have potential to damage the CPU and mobo, which is why I would work on the setup upside down, so if it runs, it'll run down onto the heatsink (cheapest part of the group). Prop the mobo off the edge of a table and get it to stay, gently.

    Only use small amounts of solvent, so u can control it, and i would try using floss between the cpu and heatsink. Maybe dip the floss in solvent and try flossing them appart.

    It's going to take some work and patience, but I think it can be done.
  5. Thanks for all the replies, im off to do the lottery ^^ yeah i dont give a crap about the heatsink or cpu cooler, since i got an aftermarket one and the one attached was the standard, which i was going to toss anyway. I only cared about the mobo and CPU, glad i didnt put much of that stuff on :P
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