Why is this happening on Skyrim?


Need an answer as to why my Graphics Card is playing up on Skyrim. I have had it installed before with no problems or issues and have just re-installed it recently and after I loaded up the game I noticed alot of pixels floating around the area. I have the latest drivers for my card and I have tried restarting the game to see if it was my saved game I had downloaded from Steams Cloud, but still no luck. My system is as follows:

- i5 2500k (not oc'ed)
- 4GB Hyper X RAM @ 1333Mhz (due to mobo limit)
- 500GB HDD @ 7200 RPM
- Asus EAH5770 Cucore @ stock settings
- Corsair TX650W PSU

Anyway, here are some pictures of my settings and the issue I am having.

Thanks, Chris.

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  1. Sounds like you inadvertantly damaged the card when you moved it. Check the connectors on the card to see if any are damaged, and try the card in another pcie slot.
  2. no if you are using the 12.12 drivers uninstall it
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    This is called artifacting. It is typically caused by software issues or unstable hardware. I would first suggest testing your GPU in Furmark to make sure it's stable. Test for a good 12-24 hours, the last 20 minutes or so are the most important, look for artifacts there and if you see any, it's your GPU.
  4. Reinstall the graphics card drivers, I was having this same issue and that fixed it.
  5. Hey,

    Thanks for the quick responses. I think i'll try re-installing the graphics drivers and if that doesn't fix it i'll open my case up and check the cables.

    Thanks again, Chris.
  6. Ok,

    I've found the problem. I've searched the web and found the issue to be the AMD 12.3 Drivers. People are getting these with 7970s, 6870s etc... If anyone reads this and has the same problems the fix is to turn of anti-aliasing.

  7. That does fix it, but when I reinstalled the 12.3 drivers I was able to leave anti-aliasing on without any issues.

    So I would try reinstalling them and see if that helps.
  8. I had the same issue. IIRC there was a small hotfix type of update that fixed the 12.3 drivers after they broke Skyrim. I'm playing it now on my HD6870 with AA no problem.

    This was my first AMD card, I got it for under $150 and I love it, but little did I know - everything they say about AMD drivers are true! D:
  9. Hi,

    I actually found a beta for the 12.4 drivers and i'm using that. It seems to have fixed the artifacts. I've also been looking at the HD6870, do you think its worth the upgrade?

    Thanks, Chris.
  10. You may also look at Skyrim Nexus, they have a fix there.
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