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Ok, i'm stuck between this build or an i3 2120 w/ a 460w PSU and a h61-ds2 gigabyte mobo. What will perform better in games like minecraft, L4D2, amnesia, portal, video rendering and editing. Oh and i will be getting a Sapphire HD 7770 GPU. I would need to buy a hard drive so the FX-4100 build would be about $650 and the i3 would be $605. Or acctually, how much lower or better would the Pentium G 2120 be? I was wondering about it and if it would be much of a difference since its $30 less than the i3.
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  1. Just wanted to let you know you linked us to your shopping cart which is not accesible to us as it shows up empty. Anyways I would go with the i3 if your choice was limited to those two. However if you want excellent performance and less of a price then go with the Phenom II X4 955 (Black edition) which can be bought for around 60-80 dollars and beats the FX-4100. Also you should avoid the entire FX series of cpus, they are not really impressive and AMD's old lineup of Phenom II's beat the FX in a variety of benchmarks. The i3 2120 will have the edge when it comes to gaming but not by far. In addition, the phenom x4 955 can be overclocked to 4 ghz given you have a decent cooler.
  2. Lol sorry, and acctually what would be a better deal, the i3 2120 for 130$ or the i3 2100 for 100$? Im gonna stray from AMD in this build, i used it in my last and i want to try intel.
  3. I would go with the i3 2120, it performs a bit better.
  4. This would be a decent option as well -

    As long as you choose a recent Chipset from Intel, you should have no compatibility issues. (I would go for an ASRock H77M motherboard).

    Same price as the i3 2120 while bringing in 5-10% more performance :)
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