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I have just bought a Pioneer VSX421V-K 5.1. The only Connections i have on my Computer is 3.5 mm jacks on board (msi z68a-g43 (g3)) sound and i have a xfx radeon hd 7770 graphics card. i cannot seem to get my graphics card to send 5.1 sound over hdmi to the receiver and the on board jacks will not connect to my av receiver. if there is no way for me to get true 5.1 sound from my pc, what sound card (looking around £50) with optical audio should i buy which would give me good 5.1 sound?

I mainly use my PC for movies and games and sometimes music.
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  1. If you want better sound, you have to buy a dedicated sound card.
    I would go with a Creative Labs Sound Blaster sound card, make sure that it is PCIex
    and that you have one slot available.

    You must disable your on board sound in your BIOS when you do this.

    Which one?
    There are many options, but I would weed out all the cheap OLD cards to give you the best bang for your money. (as well as better future proof)

    I don't know about the cost in £ ...
    but I usually spend between $100 - $200 dollars range.

    (example the one I use normally retails for around $200 but I got it on sale for around $120 or so it was a while ago so don't remember the exact amount)

    you should look for something like this:

    (remember to buy the Optical cable separate) connect this cable to the Optical Out on the bak of the card and to your speakers, it makes a world of difference vs regular cables.
  2. First thing I would suggest is making sure you're using the latest drivers from AMD for your card, they include an HDMI driver.

    Then I would go into Sound in the Control Panel to see what the output device is for your Sound Card. It could just be that your system is currently set to direct sound out through 'Speakers' which would mean it would go through your on-board sound.
  3. Thanks for the replys. i will probably go with a new sound card (probably the one recommended) over sound through hdmi.
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