Gtx 560 or gtx 560 superclocked

I plan to buy a graphics card and for the money i have and the space in my case ive narrowed it down to 2 but im not sure which one i should get Evga gtx 560(non ti) 1024mb or Evga gtx 560(non Ti) 2048mb Superclocked, i know absolutely nothing about overclocking and i dont plan to do it, im assuming the superclocked is the way to go, but i dont know if that requires any specific pc components or programs, if someone could clear things up id highly appreciate it.
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  1. Overclocking GPus is not really hard, since it can be done on windows using problem like MSI Afterburner just adjust clock speeds, and for higher overclock level you will start increasing voltage, it is something easy, but it is also dangerous always must check temperatures and do stability tests to check if the gpu overclock is stable oterhwise it will fail soon and overclocking is the maximum warranty avoider, so make sure you read enough GPU overclock tutorials and maximum overclock values for your specific card model before doing so...

    the best choice is not in the gpu itself it is in the cooling solution, better cooling will allow you to overclock the gpu to even higher clocks. if you don't plan to overclock buy the versions that already have factory overclocks.

    Have you considered going over a 560 TI version?, the performance over the Non TI worths the extra cash.
  2. i have considered the ti but it wont fit on my Mobo any card longer then 8.25" go's over my Hdd and Disk drive connectors
  3. well some models are 8,25"

    this one also worths looking at:
    7850 8,27"
    this one is less than 8" if i'm not mistaken

    those 7850 have better performance results than 560 ti
  4. I have a a few questions. first one is what are your spec's including your PSU's brand and how many watts it is? Second is your rig a store bought type like dell etc?

    If the GPU is to long are you sure it might be to wide? What is your budget to spend on a new GPU?
  5. its store bought emachines et1331, it has stock psu but im get a new psu when i get my gpu i have 300$ to spend on a new psu and gpu the gpu cant be any longer then 8.27"
  6. So your MOBO is in the way because your SATA cables from your HDD and DVD/CD that plug into your MOBO. And you know for sure that a longer GPU will run into them?

    The reason I ask is because most PC's don't have a mistake like that and the GPU's usally sit up higher and pass over the connections. Are the cables L shaped or strait on the connecters?

    Here is your PC link. and the other two are for a 6870 with 2gigs of Vram and the other is the same card but with one gig of Vram. They both fit your lenth requirments.

    Also they are not OC'd but it is easy to do it yourself and I can tell you later how to do it. The 6870 is just as good as the 560 ti one and I can link you to a bench mark showing the difference. The last two links are PSU's I hope this helps you.
  7. I apologize I miss read the size on the 6870's I thought they said 8.26" and they said 8.66" Just a tad to long I am sorry for that my bad. I will keep looking for you though.
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