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I am making my own computer case. I wanted to go with a modular design and have all the components "compartmentalized" (housed in seperate boxes), but as far as I know there wouldnt be a way to connect the graphics card to the mobo. I've tried looking, but does anyone here know of a PCI extension cable or connector?
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  2. Thanks so much! Is there any noticable loss of speed or any other issue with an extension cable?
  3. I have no idea. I just used Google to find it.

    -Wolf sends
  4. Dang. Usually my googling skills suffice to find a solution. I did find a link on a different forum. Custom sized extender cables for PCIx16. He mentions that length can create an opportunity for interference.
  5. Here is another site you can check out. And I to don't know if your will have a drop in singal it the ribbin is to long. I guess you could contact the people who are making them and find out. Good luck to you.
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