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My current monitor (a Philips 200WS) is starting to play up with a red hue covering the screen which isn't much of a problem when gaming but I sometimes do freelance graphic design so I'm going to have to replace it.

Just looking for some recommendations on something that's decent for both gaming (my main priority!) and colour (decent colour calibration, consistent colour over the whole screen, etc). I was thinking of spending £150 ($237) but was surprised at how cheap monitors are right now so I'd spend a bit more for something with good colour when I do design work.

I don't need a big monitor, happy with my 20" and anything bigger than 24" would be a no go as I have a second monitor for my palettes when designing, so desk space limits the size.

Cheers, Mike
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  1. This is a beautifully gorgeous piece of screen goodie num nums:

    It is regularly on sale for steep discounts, if you want to wait for it. Otherwise, I still think it is worth every penny.
  2. cbramasco said:

    Neither one of these come close to meeting the OPs secondary requirements of "(decent colour calibration, consistent colour over the whole screen, etc)".

    I have that Samsung as a console monitor for my lab servers and the color on it is horrible for use as anything other than a web browser/e-mail/gaming (if you don't care about colour accuracy). I would not go near it for photo/video editing.
  3. Thanks for the links cbramasco, they look like good value for gaming but they've got mixed reviews regarding colour.

    po1nted, that looks like a great monitor for colour but I'm in the UK and it's currently 'discounted' to £466 ($740)!! looks great though :-)

    Any other suggestions?
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