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I have a 700w psu that has 1x6 pin, and 1x8 pin connectors. This is enough for my main card, but I was wondering, would it be possible to SLI with this psu? I have heard that the psu is not designed for this, and it may crash the card.

I would prefer to, in the future, buy another gtx 560 ti and SLI. Or if the psu is not able to hack it, maybe use an old gts 8800, and use that as a physx card.

Any help or advice is appreciated.

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  1. If the amperage on the +12V is enough for both cards in SLI, then you also need to have the auxillary power slots for a 560 Ti. If so, by all means in can handle it, 700W, if it's a high quality PSU should be enough
  2. No that PSU is a doorstop with wires added in places it likely doesnt deliver a fraction of the wattage it claims. That model is sold under various brandnames seems no company actually wants to take final responsibility of naming the thing.

    If you want to SLi get a good unit from antec, xfx, corsair, ocz or seasonic.

    *Edit* here it is tarted up in other guises
  3. lol! I know what use it will have when i come to replace then.

    Thanks for advice. Would I at least be able to use the 8800gts as an physx card, providing i have a cable splitter, freeing up a 6 pin cable for it ?

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