DVI or Display Port GTX680

I would like to know which connection would be the best for gaming using a GTX680 and a BENQ XL2420T.

My options are Display Port and DVI

The HDMI will be used for my 55'' HDTV
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  1. More or less they will be the same. Use whichever form is native to your monitor.
  2. The monitor has all connections. How do i know which one is ''Native'' User Manual? ;o
  3. he was just basically saying whatever connection(s) your monitor has. i have a newer LED monitor and it doesn't have a displayport connector
  4. Like captaincharisma was saying, I just ment pick one your monitor has. In your case pick whichever cable type you have easiest access to, or if you have both then whichever you like the looks of more.
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