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Cooler Master Hyper 212 blocking ram

I'm planning to buy another set of 2x4gb Corsair rams and I know their heat sink is ridiculously high.

Currently I'm using ramslots 2 and 4 on a Asrock z68 extreme 3 gen 3 mobo for dual channel.

The question is, how would I change the fan set up for me to fit a ram on the first slot?

The case is an NZXT Phantom so there are fans ontop of the case pushing air upwards if that is needed information.

Would setting up the CPU fan on the other side of the heatsink be too close to the back fan? If not, how should I set up the fan's push/pull config?

Please don't recommend me another set of ram because I'm doing this for the sake of the discount. If there isn't a good solution I might as well not buy another set since I don't absolutely need it.

Thanks in advance.
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    (With the computer off, of course) Un-clip the fan and set it out of the way. (You can probably leave it connected to the motherboard header.)

    Then, install your ram in the slot closest to the heat sink.

    Now, re-clip the fan to the heatsink higher up on the heatsink so that it clears your RAM.

    Install the rest of your RAM, turn the computer on, and enjoy. (maybe run memtest just to check your new sticks)
  2. I just tested it, and it does indeed fit.
    But is there anything else to worry about? Cooler performance drop? ( if its to a minimum I don't mind )
    Or like the fan not secured tightly enough and fall off the heatsink since only two of the four clips are actually on it?
  3. The top two clips need to connect, but they should be able to "snap" into the heatsink, even if they are only "clipped" to a few fins on the heatsink.

    The bracket "rails" can stick up and beyond the heatsink but each of the two clips on each rail need to hold onto the heatsink. (including the top one on each rail.)

    Can you post another pick with the modified mounting?

    Cooling didn't suffer much at all when I did this to clear my patriot sector 5 RAM.
  4. I drew an simple diagram, hope you understand it.

    Basically the clips ontop are too high to clip on the heatsink because it needs to be raised enough for it to clear the ram.
  5. That's a problem.

    Are you sure you can't move the fan down far enough to allow the top clip to catch? (Even if it is just a hair away from the top of the RAM heatsink?

    My Patriot sector 5 had ridiculous heatsinks, and I was able to slide thefan down to where is almost touched the RAM and it clipped at all 4 locations. (I still had a few mm wiggle room up the heat sink)

    Could you take a pick of the fan/ram clearance, as well as the clip/heat-sink interface?
  6. decided not to upgrade because I feel like I'm really just doing for the heck of it. Might as well save it for a different, more significant upgrade. Thanks, I'll remember your tips whenever I do feel the need to upgrade though.
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