Gigabyte's 560 ti OC

I'm considering buying a pc with the Gigabyte OC(900 mHz) 560 TI installed. Does anyone have any experiences with this particular card ? I seem to be reading a fair bit of reports on problems with the drivers etc. for the 560 ti, but naturally havn't seen anything for myself.

Gigabyte Geforce 560 TI OC 900 mHz

Any help on wether or not i would be happy with this card would be much appreciated.

If it's any help the computer would be running a Corsair 600w V2 Psu and a MSI H61MU-E35 B3 Motherboard.

Thanks in advance

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  1. Hello. I have the exact same graphics card. It's performing great, got it highly overclocked too. Stable up to 1 GHz, but every day I'm running 950 MHz, only going 1 GHz for Battlefield 3.
  2. That sounds terrific ! May i ask what driver version you are running with ? :)
  3. I've got 295.73 WHQL atm, I saw people had issues with 296 so I didn't bother updating, because it works well for me at the moment.
  4. Yea i noticed alot of people had problems with the 296 aswell, which was probably what got me scared before purchasing the card. Also heard stories of the OC'ed ccards beeing a bit unstable bacause of beeing a bit under volted at stock, hopefully this isn't an issue. Judging from your experiences it shouldn't be :)
  5. Well, I haven't really been running at stock 900 mhz longer than the day I got the card, it has been OCed for 6 months now. Of course, I increased voltage to make the new OC stable, but I doubt you'd need to do it unless you plan OCing again.
  6. Hopefully it will run stable at stock clocks and voltages, as i don't plan to overclock :)
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