How about non-pc speakers with SB Live?

Can I plug some 5.1 HUGE speakers? I mean 3 are small and 2 other 2 are as tall as I am. They are not for pc though, for ah...HI-FI. CanI try them? I know they sound AWESOME but you can't change volume on them. I have an adapter and I'm able to plug them, but just if I wonna try I'll have to move them one state to another, I can't risk, I need an advice. Any help would be great, THANKS!
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  1. Uhhhhhhh...if you have a preamp, you can. I think the old Awe64 put out something like 6 watts of power on it's output, so by my highly-trained-ear-meter, the Live puts out about 2.5 watts.

    That's actually a lot for those little 'ear-bud' headphones.......
  2. Not only a preamp if the speaker are regular stereo speakers he will also need an amp or just a reciever. I know my speakers couldn't be powered by my sb live. Not a chance. The SB live doesn't have a onboard amp. My heathkit ar1500 powers them with no trouble at all!! That reciever is amazing!! Alot better than majority of the new stuff. I had a brand new denon and i couldn't power my speakers for sh*t. It was supposed to be 100watts right?? well why does my 60watt have more power than it?? Anyways i don't see why you couldn't try it. It wouldn't do any harm.

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  3. The difference in speaker volumes between amps could be a product of the impedence of the speaker outputs on the 2 different amps 2, 4, or 8 ohms would all be different in efficiency


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  4. Yeah, impedence makes a huge difference.

    Ok, the main issue is that a sound card doesn't provide very much wattage (like everyone has been saying). The difference between PC speakers and other speakers (generally) is that PC speakers are powered. Do your big speakers plug into an outlet? That'd mean they're powered and you can probably plug them into your sound card.

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  5. You will need an amp to power those suckers! If they are as big as you say they are, I would get one no less one that can give 100-150 Watts per Channel, then you can configure the amp to pt uot much better and cleaner sound than trying to raise them by just the soundcards juice.
    How much $$$ are you willing to spend and I can find an amp in you price range.

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  6. Actually....

    I HAVE powered 2 INFINITY home stereo speakers AND 2 PolyPro monitor speakers from BOTH my old SBpro AND my old SBawe64 wih NO amp/preamp. And I had NO POROBLEMS. The sound was great!

    Of course I don't run my SBLive with home speakers so I can't tell you for certain yours will work.

    The resistance factor could be a problem I suppose... 8ohm vs 4ohm for incstance...or so the EE here at work says. But
    I had no problems. Just make sure the OHM of your card matches the Ohm on your speakers.

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  7. That'd be pretty hard to figure out.

    What wattage were those speakers rated for? And they weren't powered speakers, right?

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  8. hehe..I got SB Live here and speakers worked fine without amps and other crap, the question is HOW DO I MAKE MY FLOOR STOP SHAKING??? maybe I should go for LIVE music..I mean invite Prodigy over my
  9. See, I don't get how that would be possible (I'm not calling you a liar, don't worry).

    With non-powered speakers (they don't plug into a power outlet) and a PC soundcard, you could only generate, say, 30W? I'm not sure how much it would be. And that's the most you could get out of the PCI slot, not how much you would get out of a standard output on a sound card.

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  10. Well it's easy to figure out ohms if you still have the spec sheets on the equipment...I lost mine years ago of course :) on-line search could do it though.

    Yep, they worked great with no power, just the speaker signal wires hooked fact I still have the infinity speakers hooked up to my wife's mahcine. I think they're rated for somewhere around 200-300w if memory serves me.

    Actually I need to get another pc-speaker/amp setup because
    I would like to free up those $800.00 speakers and get them back to the home stereo....add that one to my list of things to do...heh

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  11. They DO plug into the outlet but with an adapter and the guy who gave them said I need a special software to run them, I didn't try with my PC them yet BUT here is a SB Live! Value with 300Mhz celeron and 96Mb RAM and they work, but one speaker doesn't (remember? they are 5.1 while I have 4.1 card)
  12. What kind of adapter? Like two-prong to 1/8" or something?

    And what software?

    This is interesting.

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  13. I'm stupid, I don't know, it is just a thingy that I should plug my speakers and then into outlet otherwise they will die and the guy is a professional with music tech. he said it won't work without software, it's his, just a CD with LOT'S OF files and crap, he said when I'll plug them in to my pc I'll have to call him to find out how to install this crap...I'm willing to do all that for THOSE COOL SPEAKERS!
  14. Quote:
    plug my speakers and then into outlet

    You mean a power outlet?

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  15. yeah, via adapter. I had to change volume to MINIMUM otherwise floor starts shaking..
  16. Well, if you have them connected to a power outlet, then they're being powered by that, and not your card.

    I don't see how your 300 watt speakers can be powered by a single PCI slot. I can see how, via some inventive cabling, you can get a signal out to them without an amp/preamp, but a PCI slot just can't provide 300 Watts of power.

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  17. Yes, thank you. That's the exact point I've been trying to make this ENTIRE THREAD. :)

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  18. No prob. I noticed you were having some trouble. Just thought I'd word it differently...

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  19. Quote:
    With non-powered speakers (they don't plug into a power outlet)

    Well, if you have them connected to a power outlet, then they're being powered by that

    Yeah, it's amazing how people just don't read stuff carefully sometimes.

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  20. My Home speakers are ONLY powered by the sb card and I guess that's what....35W?? I don't remember so I'll have to check...the point is 35w/channel is plenty to power the
    my infinty home's DAMN LOUD if I turn the sound all the way up...It's not as loud as if they
    were plugged into my home stereo, of course, but it's more than enough to play games. In fact my wife complains it's too loud and she turns it down =8-)

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  21. Really? There's only one cord from them, and it goes into the green jack in you computer?

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  22. hehe...yeah I'm dead serious. Just the signal wires to a plug, that plugs into the input jack on the SB. Like I said, I did it with Infinity, and PolyPro speakers, on both SBpro2 and SBawe64. And I'm still actually running my wife's machine with the infinity speakers because I'm too lazy to go buy a pair of pc-speakers...But like I said, $800.00 speakers belong at the home stereo, so it's just a temporary situation.

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  24. Manarch: No, I never called you a liar. My last two replies were to other people. Maybe you should quit the caffine.

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