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Hey! Sorry to bother you fine people, I just have a question regarding Ivy Bridge and socket 1150.

I am only just upgrading from an amd 550 x3 3.2 Ghz AM3 cpu. I was looking at the FX8150 until I found out that the, I5 3570k killed it, in like every situation haha. I really need a new cpu as I just bought a 7870 and oc'd it to 1150/1000. I am just confused, is it worth waiting till the 1150 socket is released and buy the I5 that goes with it? I am just really confused as to what course I take. There is also another possibilty in that I just buy an I7 3770k and leave it at that, I need the pc for about another 3 years. I will be crossfiring in the future just not atm.

Cheers I hope for some good answers :D!
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    Haswell is still really far off. It will be released March or April. If you need a build now, don't wait. And buying an i7 for futureproofing is a bad choice. By the the time a 3570K is considered old, the 3770K would also be considered old.
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