How To Identify Physical CPU Chip

My question is: How do you identify a physical cpu chip, that is the actual physical chip removed from a computer? I bought some junk computers the other day and removed their cpus, but I have no idea how to identify them. I have no packaging whatsoever, just the physical chip, just like you would take off the motherboard.

I've heard that in some cases it can be found underneath the thermal paste(which both of the chips I have came with), but that does not seem to be the case here.

Given the hardware from the rest of the computers, I would guess the cpus would be something like a dual core pentium.
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  1. remove the thermal paste from the top of the cpu heatsink, and there should be a model number, google it and should give u an answer if the model number is still written and legible on top.
  2. Look on the top!
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