Selling PC - How much is it worth?

Hello, I have a upgraded cheap pc, and I was wondering how much to sell for so I can upgrade to something slightly better. Here is my specs.. I know its not really a gaming pc but its good enough for my needs:
-Acer Aspire T180 (Starting System)
- 4GB ddr2 ram
-AMD x2 2.4Ghz Processor
-160gb hard drive 7200rpm
-80gb hard drive 7200rpm
-Nvidia Geforce 220 GPU
-450watt power supply

This pc runs good enough games for me but I would like to sell and get something slightly better. would it be better to built my own or buy a prebuilt? I have a very low spending rage as I probably couldnt get more then $200 for my pc. I would spend probably $350-$400 on a new pc or I could buy a used one. What do you suggest. I want a cheap pc that I can play games on better then the one I own now. thanks
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  1. you might be able to pull $250 or $300 out of it... and you could build a fair system for around $750 or $800
  2. Would you suggest buying a really cheap pc, building a really cheap pc, or upgrading my current system even more? because I dont want to spend $700-$800 on a new one.
  3. Someone on Kijiji is selling this case with 585watt power supply brand new for $25: I could pick this up and build my own cheap system. Would this be worth it? I just want a very cheap pc that I can play games on better then my one above. Again, my limit is $350-$400. Thanks and what would you do if you were me.
  4. I wouldn't suggest getting that case and PSU. Mostly because the PSU isn't specified, and probably unreliable. You don't want a bad PSU to fry all the new parts.

    If your HDDs are Sata, you'll be able to salvage them and save at least $80. Also try to salvage the CD/DVD drive if possible.

    Check out this build.,3216.html

    Switch out the graphics card for something slightly cheaper and budget for an OS.
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