Upgraded 775 Socket CPU with Intel Dual Core - Won't turn on (short burst)


I have just upgraded my older 775 Socket PC with an Intel Core 2 Duo E4600 SLA94 - 2.4GHz Dual-Core 2M that I purchased on eBay.

Turning on the computer will only work for 1 second power bust and will not continue. Reverting back to the old CPU will work just fine.

Is there anything else that I need to configure BEFORE installing the new CPU??? BIOS settings?


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  1. Are you certain the board supports the new CPU? Sounds like it does not to me. Board make an model?
  2. The Mother board is this :

    Augsburg MotherBoard

    I assumed that it would be able to accept the CPU with the 775 socket.

    I found this list of specs on the original machine : eMachine T5026 :


    I have now tried to put the original CPU back in the MOBO and the system will power on for ~10 seconds, then shuts down....

    Any suggestions?!?

  3. Flash the CMOS and you are going to find that the 915 chipset does support chips the Intel® Core™ family of processors (socket 775) like this Intel Core 2 Duo E4600. The earliest chipset for support of the Intel Core family of processors would have been some of the 945 chipset based boards.
  4. You are correct about the 945 chipset but the 915 is even older than the 945 if I am not mistaken and only supported Pentium 4 and Pentium D chips. Now through BIOS revisions I know quite a few motherboard manufacturers made some older chipsets work with newer CPUs than they were designed for. That was common in the early LGA 775 era. That was really only common with the big manufacturers though like Asus and Gigabyte.

    I seriously doubt EMachines would have released a newer BIOS with additional CPU support for that board. My very strong suspicion is that your new CPU is not compatible with your motherboard. You just can't assume a CPU will work with a motherboard especially with LGA 775.
  5. I agree with anort3, I think that that board only supports Netburst CPUs, if even all of their LGA 775 models. It's like trying to run a Bulldozer FX CPU on an AM3 board or an AM3 CPU on an AM2+ board or an Ivy Bridge CPU on a 6x series chipset board. It'll work with BIOS updates, but OEMs rarely have such updates for their machines.
  6. Sorry I missed typed that, it should have been " it does not support chips in the Intel® Core™ family of processors."

    With a 915 chipset you are going to have to use an Intel Pentium® 4 and some of the Intel Pentium D processors.
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