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I know it's certainly not ideal, but last year (or the year before) I replaced my 9 year old pc with a refurbished gateway dx4300-11. (Motherboard is gateway RS780 which is made by foxconn but is also listed s an acer board)

I gets the job done reasonably well, but I want to throw in a video card that is better than the onboard one (because it's something of a festering pile of crap).

I'm fairly sure I have a 300w power supply, and I'll need to upgrade that psu in order to have a wider variety of choices.

Last thursday (possibly literally) I was researching the situation on my phone and saw someone somewhere on the interwebs saying the motherboard does not support more than 500w of power. (To which I raised a brow as I had never seen anything like that before. The ignorance comes as a side effect of milking my hardware forever...)

So, as I am not sure if comment was serious or trolling, I've spent the last several hours googling trying to find the manual. Tried acer, gateway, foxconn, sites selling the mobo. Nothing. I may just be riding the failtrain mentally.

So I ask you, oh people who are wiser and know more than me. Is there a wattage which makes the magic smoke escape, and if so, what is the maximum wattage for my Gateway DX4300 Acer Aspire M1201 Foxconn Bengal RS780 Motherboard whateverthehell it is?

Once I know that I can pick my psu an have super happy funtimes.

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  1. Well you can use any power supply it does not matter which brand or how much wattage it has.
    Yes, you have a 300W PSU.
    If you plan to upgrade for example a graphic card you may find the minimum requirement is 400W.
    But it does not actually require 400W just for the graphic card.
    Your power supply supplies power for all components in your computer not just the motherboard.
    Your motherboard will receive power just for it needs.
    It does not blow up if you put a 400 or 500W power supply.
    That 300W Power supply is sufficient enough for its purpose.
  2. Thanks for the confirmation. I thought that the hardware would only draw what was needed (I know other things work like that), but having seen someone say otherwise made me raise a brow. I'd rather error on the side of caution and ask than risk having to replace bits later.

    I understand folks who manufacture wanting to use the cheapest, bare minimum requirements when selling premade systems, profit and all that. Not bothered by the gateway having a 300, I was aware of it when I purchased, and that I'd have to upgrade when ready to get a new video card.

    (Ragemonster gets released when one decides to pay a company (central computer santa clara) a healthy chunk of change (1.2k) to custom build a nice pc (to avoid the hassle of messing with thermal compound and other crap) only to find out a year or two later after adding more bells and whistles (that take more power) that the folks used a cheap generic 300w when you ordered and paid for a much higher powered reputable brand psu to be installed. The sods were lucky I moved cross country and could not go back to their place of business with the 300w psu wielded like a flail and my receipt/parts list.)
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