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Ok, right now I am running on a single 6970. I have the power and space to get CF 6970 but not tri-fire. I could wait for the rumored gk 110 which is rumored to have 512 bit memory bus and 2304 CUDA cores. So should I go for the crossfire or wait for the gtx 685? For your information, I dont want a gtx 680 right now as I believe the price is too high for a mid range card.
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  1. Your card is strong enough to run basically any game. I would wait and see what the 685 brings. Keep in mind though, it'll probably release at like 650$.
  2. ^I know, just want a little more power. yeah, I would want a gtx 685, I would surprised if it is actually allowed at $650s. Vendors will probably move up the price.
  3. The 680 is not a mid range card...
  4. ^It is..... 256 bit memory bus, 4 power phases, and gk 104. nvidia just owned AMD's top range with it's mid range. Dont let the numbers fool you. I am not getting this card, but the "big kepler" coming in October.
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